Rental Terms and Conditions

I – Law governing the contract

The present rental contract has been concluded for a furnished vacation rental. The premises shall not be used as a main or secondary residence, nor may it be used for commercial, artisanal, or professional activities. The contract shall therefore be governed by the provisions of the civil code, and the following terms and conditions.


II - Term

The lease automatically ends at the end of the term established on the underside without any further notice. The rental shall not be extended without prior written agreement by the lessor or his/her representative.


III – Forming of the contract

•    Reservation by the tenant
The tenant making a reservation returns the signed rental agreement to the lessor.
•    Confirmation by the lessor or his/her representative
The lessor or his/her representative sends the signed contract, which serves as confirmation.
•    Payment of reservation fees by the tenant as an initial deposit
Reservation fees are due when the tenant receives the contract signed by both parties. As the amount paid serves as an initial deposit, the lessor and tenant’s commitment is definitive. The balance of the rent is therefore owing in the event of cancellation. Depending on the destination, a mandatory tourist tax may be added to the reservation fees.
Consequently, should one of the parties refuse to perform his/her contractual obligations, the other party may demand enforcement or compensation.


IV – Balance – Security deposit – Management fees – Insurance

  • Balance
    The balance of the rent indicated on the back of the contract is due:
    - 40 days prior to the start of the tenant’s stay in the event that cancellation assurance is taken out; or
    - 30 days prior to the start of the tenant’s stay in the event that cancellation assurance is not taken out.
  • Security deposit
    The security deposit indicated on the contract is mandatory. It covers the cost of any damage to the property’s furniture or contents. The tenant shall be responsible for replacing any lost, broken, deteriorated, or damaged items or reimbursing the lessor for these items at the replacement value. To validate the deposit, the tenant must send back to Loc’appart the debit authorization signed and completed that is attached to the contract.
    If damage has been noted by either party, Loc’appart will be able to debit the amount indicated in the contract, after informing first the tenant.
  • Management fees and extras
    The management fees indicated on the back of this contract correspond notably to costs for housekeeping, the supply of bed linens for the number of persons indicated herein, hydro and electricity costs (gas and electricity, except for monthly rentals), and the presence of a representative upon check in.
    Extras include hydro and electricity expenses for a monthly contract or a revised contract further to a change in dates. A fee of 20€ will be charged to revise the dates of a lease.
  • Insurance
    The tenant must provide to the lessor or his/her representative proof of insurance for the property being rented (against damages caused by water, fire, or any other damages for which the tenant is liable). Accordingly, the representative assumes no responsibility for any recourse the lessor’s insurance company could hold against the tenant in the event of an accident.


V – Main obligations of the parties

•    The tenant’s main obligations
The tenant agrees to:
1.    Occupy the premises comfortably and ensure that he/she nor his/her party behave in such a manner that could be disturbing to the neighbours or other occupants of the building;
2.    Occupy the premises personally and to, under no circumstances, sublet, even free of charge, or renounce his/her rights to the rental property;
3.    Make no modifications or changes to the layout of the furniture and premises;
4.    Bring no pets (dogs, cats, etc.) to the rental properties unless permission to do so is expressed in the property description. In the event of the latter, the representative reserves the right to increase the security deposit to cover any additional risks;
5.    Allow urgent emergency repairs to be made to the property during the rental period;
6.    Take care of the rental property and leave it clean and in good repair;
7.    Immediately notify the lessor or their representative of any accident or damage occurring on the rental property, even if there is no visible damage;
8.    Be accountable for damages and losses that occur due to him/herself or his/her party, while the rental property is being used, unless he/she can prove that his/her party are not at fault; and
9.    Respect the maximum number of occupants stipulated on the front of the contract. The representative must be notified of any desired changed to the number of occupants, so long as it respects the capacity indicated in the property description, at least 72 hours before arriving at the premises. If necessary, the lessor may demand a rent supplement, or deny access to the premises.

•    The lessor’s main obligations
The lessor agrees to:
1.    Deliver the rental property in good condition and repair, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order;
2.    Ensure the tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the rental property and protect the tenant from defects and flaws that could prevent him/her from doing so; and
3.    Not perform work on the rental property for the duration of the rental period except in case of emergency.
Neither the lessor nor his/her representative shall be held responsible for work that does not directly concern the apartment (road or other works on neighbouring buildings or the building itself).


VI – Practical information

•    Check-in and checkout times
You can check in anytime after 2 p.m., depending on the availability of the representative (an email sent 8 to 10 days before the check?in date shall indicate the time of the appointment, along with directions to the property). If you wish to check in after 7‍‍ p.m., on a Sunday or a local bank holiday, or on a Saturday for tenants of apartments in Paris, the keys shall be mailed to you at an earlier date and the appointment with the representative shall be postponed to the following business day. The checkout time is noon, depending on the availability of the representative, and can be arranged directly on site with the latter. Checkouts before 9 a.m. shall be without the representative present; the latter shall therefore hold onto the security deposit which shall be refunded within 30 days except in the case of damages.
•    Special clauses regarding check ins and checkouts
As an exception to the above, checkout is at 10 a.m., and not noon, for rentals at Torre Paradiso in Minori. Please note that check ins at this property are without a representative or owner present (although a Naples representative can be reached by telephone at any time should a problem arise) and the keys will be mailed to you at an earlier date.
•    State of the premises and list of furniture
The state of the premises and a list of furniture are established jointly by the parties upon check in and checkout, except for check ins and checkouts without a representative present (see above-stated case). In this case, the tenant has 48 hours within which to contest the state of the premises upon check in and the representative has the same time within which to contest the state of the premises upon checkout.


VII – Special conditions

Special conditions apply to certain destinations

•    Tuscany/Umbria
-          All bed linens and towels are included.
-          The stay, including the security deposit, must be paid in full to theParis office prior to the stay.

•    Amalfi Coast
See section VI, 2nd point.

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